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Knight Swim is an eCommerce business that creates high-quality swimwear for women of every shape and size. Knight Swim promotes confidence, self love, and women supporting women.

Each suit is designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. Every top is designed with multiple adjustments so you can feel comfortable and confident. 


Why "Knight Swim"?
Knight Swim is a little bit of a play on words. When you hear the name spoken out loud you would immediately think "Night Swim" - as in "I am going for a night swim, care to join?"

But when you dig deeper, "Knight" is actually reference to a Knight in shining armour. A warrior. The definition of warrior is: a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

In the About The Founder section Gabby talks a little bit about her past with eating disorders. Anyone who has gone through or is going through any sort of food related, or body related issues are brave fighters. 

It is difficult to love yourself consistently and to be confident in your skin. We have ALL struggled at some point or another.

All women are warriors.


A goal that Knight Swim has is to reach a position in which we can give back to women who are struggling. 

Knight Swim is all about confidence and women supporting women. Currently Knight Swim is looking for ways in which we can give back to women via donations to eating disorder clinics, mental health clinics, support groups, and any other organizations that support women.