Hi! My name is Gabby (short for Gabrielle) and I am the designer, founder, and creative mind behind the brand Knight Swim.

 A little bit about myself:

I was born in 1995 and raised in London Ontario, Canada - The last place you would think to find a swimsuit connoisseur. Canada is cold 8 months out of the year, swimwear is not exactly a necessity here... I struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), so when colder months roll around, I am a much different person than I am in the summer.

Beaches... Sunshine... The Ocean... All extremely, EXTREMELY important and close to my heart. So much that I have 2 tattoos on the topic. One says "salt, sand, sun" and the other is a small wave.

Ever since I was a tiny baby I would wear swimsuits inside during the winter. I made fake swimming pools out of blankets. I went hiking in a bikini. I refused to come inside in the summer when my kiddie pool was full of water. Nothing really changed as I grew older...

In fact my love for the sun and the ocean only grew as I began to travel. I have been to Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Florida, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas.. and more. These trips boost my happy levels.

Along with my passion for culture, art, design, travel, and creation, I have a huge passion for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I wasn't always confident in a bikini... In fact there have been periods in my life when I refused to go outside and soak up my much needed vitamin D because I was not comfortable in the way I looked. I have struggled with eating disorders such as anorexia, which led to binge eating disorder. I am not afraid to share my struggles because I know I am not alone.

Bikinis are beautiful and fun but they can be scary. I completely get that.

I wanted to create this brand to show that you can be curvy and confident, skinny and sexy, beautiful and bold. A Knight in shining armour. Confidence has no size or shape. 

Whatever your body type is, self-love and confidence are the most important things you can wear. Confidence comes from within - but a cute bikini definitely helps!

Founder of Knight Swim

Instagram: @gabbyschey
Twitter: @gabbyschey
YouTube: gabby scheyen


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xs 30-34 22-25 0-2
s 34-36 25-28 4-6
m 36-38 28-32 6-8
l 38-40 32-38 8-10
xl 40-47 38-40 12-14

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xs aa-a 30-32
s a, b 32-34
m b, c 34-36
l c, d, dd 36-38
xl dd-f 38-40


Raven tops fit tighter. If you are between sizes, size up.